Young Money Maker: MICHAEL DUNLOP 2017

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Michael Dunlop is a Young entrepreneur who is blessed enough to retire at the age of 21.

Michael accidentally got into blogging, Michael first started looking at creating websites just before his 15th birthday. The opportunity arose when a program the Young Enterprise which lets young people at school set up a business for a year and you compete against schools around the country came up.

Michael was nominated as Managing Director, after he saw what the IT manager had come up with, he decided to take matters into his hands. He taught himself how to use Dreamweaver and fortunately they won the prize for the best website.

Michael’s very first website was WebDesignDev, the concept behind WebDesignDev, was doing the whole tutorial scene, which brought about some results

Michael has set for himself exceptional goals and achieved them. He has been in contact with top name people such as Bob Parsons, Bobby Chang and more. Putting his success and environmentalism to the top Michael has inspired me along with thousands others to fulfil their dream as a young entrepreneur.

Michael wanted the freedom of being his own boss, this was one of the things that motivated him to become an entrepreneur. He believes that the entrepreneurs have played a great role in the changes in the world today, and encourages more people to take action and start today.

More so, Michael express that entrepreneurs like Bob Parson, Yanik Silver and Tim Schmidt really inspire him as an entrepreneur, he also says that being around these people helps realize what you want. When Michael is not on his sites, he spends his leisure time mountain biking.

Michael Dunlop’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Michael created the idea was born as a result of questions from people asking him how to create a blog or how to make money online. is where he shares his thoughts and experience on internet, so as to let other gather information. During a seminar Michael along with his friends helped people to set up their own blogs and this way he earned $200 which made him to think to create an e-course to help people to learn how to blog. Michael has a no leakage rule on his site.

Michael also created Retire at 21, he felt this was catchy name, he however feels that true entrepreneurs do no ever retire. He also earns a commission on affiliate programs and selling of products.
Here’s an old video of him talking the truth about blogs, truth that’s still relevant nowadays:

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