Yaro Starak: The Affiliate Educator 2017

Yaro graduated from at the University of Queensland with a degree in Business Management in 2001. While in the university, he developed an interest in Magic: The Gathering, a popular trading card game. As his passion for the game deepened he set up a number of hobby sites devoted to it, his most popular being MTG Paradise. This was the beginning of affiliate marketing for Yaro.

While in the university, he created an online proofreading and editing service, called Better Edit, instead of doing the work myself, I hired contract proof-readers to deliver the service, while I handled marketing. Yaro eventually got a blog for this site which was to help with SEO for the site and that was how his interest in blogging began.

In 2004, he sold MTG Paradise for $13,000, he started a blog called Entrepreneurs-Journey in 2005, and he says it was crucial point as he was barely making ends meet. His blog, which makes over $20,000 a month and has over 100,000 subscribers, is a chronicle of his journey to transform his life and increase his income. Since starting the blog, Yaro has created and released a number of successful membership sites including Blog Mastermind, Become a Blogger (with Gideon Shalwick) and Membership Site Mastermind.

Yaro has been creating, buying and selling internet assets since 1998. He teaches people how to make a full-time income from blogging part time through his work on the blog he has been able to buy his first house and car, travel round the world and more recently buy his dream apartment.

Yaro Starak’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Entrepreneurs-Journey by Yaro which talks about his journey as entrepreneur within six months the blog had 500 readers a day. By the end of the first year over 3,000 daily readers, and $1,000 was made a month from advertising and selling affiliate products. What Yaro enjoys best about the blog is the stories he shares on the blog, he calls it creative expression.

In second year of blogging, Yaro decides to start an email newsletter to go with the blog and started selling his own teaching products. In 2009, Entrepreneurs-Journey broke the Million dollar mark in sales.

He also sells course such as blogmastermind.com, which is set at $497 one-time fee. Here he his is a solo session about how to do Affiliate marketing with blogging:

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