Vinny Ohare: Man of Skills 2017

Vinny O’Hare has been selling on the internet since 1999. It all started out with selling on EBay just like Dave Salois and that led to making websites for his products as well as websites which would promote products through affiliate marketing.

He currently runs around 30 websites that rank high on search engines for the theme topic of these websites.

Vinny O’Hare claims that as he was making his sites, He found enjoyment in the teaching part of making a site work and would share that with clients and students as they needed the help. He also wanted to share his knowledge with others on how to succeed with regards to affiliate marketing as well as making websites that also sell products.

Vinny O’Hare is also a web site consultant. He offers services to newbies who are just getting stated in affiliate marketing. And if you are an Atlanta Falcons fan, or a NASCAR fan, then that might just be your lucky break as Vinny is a long suffering Atlanta Falcons fan and a NASCAR fan too.

Vinny O’Hare is currently the President at Vincent O’Hare consulting where he has worked for a little over a decade. He is also a co-host on Affiliate Marketing Podcaster where he helps groom enthusiastic new affiliate marketers through the greener pastures of affiliate marketing.

He is also the President of awesome gang .com, a New York based company before which he worked for twenty two years as an Advertising maintainer for CBS Outdoors thus his broad experience in the affiliate marketing and advertising spheres.

Some of his publications include:

SEO For Blogs (ABCs Plus Basics for Websites and Blogs)

Respect the Intelligence of your E-mail list

Facebook + Email = Success (ABCS Plus Basics for Websites

Fourth Quarter is Over, Now What ?

In his spare time, Vinny O’Hare is a photographer. He has volunteered as a firefighter for Broad channel fire department.

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