The Incredible Lynn Terry 2017

Anyone familiar with the affiliate marketing community has surely heard a thing or two about Lynn Terry.

She is the author of and She also offers training & consulting on niche blogging, social marketing, online business strategies and Looks to connect with ambitious entrepreneurs and other food bloggers in her vicinity.

She is arguably one of the pioneers of Affiliate marketing, opening since February 1997 till date. She has held and nurtured the company from infancy to what it has become today.

It is no small feat that her company survived two decades and is still waxing stronger regardless of all the economic hurdles the market has put forth over the years.

Here is what Valerie Futo-Woods, a Recipe developer, Tester and Product scout at Hungarian and has to say about Lyn.

“She is simply the best teacher and motivator for starting a new blog”

ShariLee Beynon who is a blogger with GoldaVere IMS & BlogMutt also has this to say

“Lynn Terry is a dynamic young business woman with a purposeful focus on attaining her goals and on helping others to do the same. She is generous, knowledgeable and resourceful as she works with others, coaching them toward their business success and prosperity.”

Her skills include Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing as well as Affiliate Marketing.

2013 marked the beginning of her 17th year in business. She works from her home office full-time, while raising her 2 children here in middle Tennessee. She turned 44 in June this year, and she is having a lifestyle she could only dream about.

Lynn’s last real job was as a Unix Sys Admin which she quit in 1996 to start my first business.

She managed to gather some experience over the last decade in areas like professional web development, managing an international web team, start-up consulting, computer training, professional adviser for Intuit, partnerships with 2 wholesale/eBay companies, managing an offline business, and public speaking.

She ultimately ditched it all to become a Super Affiliate and Professional Blogger.

In May 2003, Terry was the recipient of the Best of Success Award at Total Life Success and a contributing author to a #1 Best-Seller titled Wake Up… Live the Life You Love! She has been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s home biz talk radio show, as well as several other talk shows through both wsRadio and World Talk Radio.

Check her talking here in the video about building loyal active audience:

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