Super Star Affiliate Ian Fernando 2017

Ian started affiliate marketing in 2000, he started selling books on eBay, after his parent kicked him out of the house because he refused to continue schooling, and he was 19 at that time.

He started working three jobs, 7 days a week, he started with google “how to make more money” then he started eBay drop shipping that was when he started making money, the major issue he had with eBay was that he was not able to handle customers and this was introduced him to Zugle ads, which started him on google ads, they gave him a tax offer and showed him strategically how to start.

He became and affiliate manager by accident, it came up just because he wanted to pay his bills. As a result of the bureaucratic nature of the 9-5 jobs he left and started fully as an affiliate marketer.

Ian accredits most of his success to the blogs as he spent a lot of time on them reading, learning and trying to keep up with the world of marketing, Ian feels like most Newbie focus to much on the now and not long term

Ian made a program called Offers Snitch, it basically tracks the URL route, track any changes that occurs and lets him know if anything changes website. Ian created this as a result of the issues he had with affiliate networks shaving, or pausing an offer or replacing an offer without informing him, he eventually sold it off for a large sum of money.

Ian consolidated all his companies into three (3) companies (product, traffic and software), he feels that product will be short, medium term stuff, however Traffic and Software is long term. Ian feels in the world of affiliate marketing is an “Adapt or Die situation”

In his free time Ian like to Cook, Travel and keep fit, he claims that these activities keeps him sane when he is not working

Ian Fernando’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Ian is a Blogger, his Blog: is a blog that discusses affiliate marketing and has a large following. He started the blog just to be able to journal his journey, but suddenly it started getting a large audience.

Ian was a speaker at one of the Affiliate Summit, he considers this to be s one of the bigger milestones in his online career.

Ian has investment in lots of online properties, he is also an advertiser with his own products, hear him out about his road to success:

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