Super Affiliate’s Manager: Matthew Woodward 2017

Matthew was introduced into an online career, when he was 13, he started writing game reviews for a website, this helped him develop an interest in the world of competitive gaming and he built his first community based website, this website allowed people share demos and videos showing off their actions.

He worked with Dextra solution, where he was in charge of site, he quickly began to apply his previous experience and expertise to improve the throughput of sites managed by Dextra. He became the head of online marketing for one of the biggest distributors in Europe.

Matthew led a range of online marketing campaigns for big clients with great success; however, the slow pace and rigid nature of the corporate world was falling behind the fast growth and pace of web. There were far too many missed opportunities leaving huge amounts of money on the table and frustration led me to pursue my own online marketing ventures.

That was nearly 3 years ago and a lot has changed since then. Working for myself without restriction has allowed me to excel in all areas at a rapid pace.

Matthew has a large variety of skills and experience in the online world having grown up with the web from a very young age.

Matthew Woodward’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Matthew Woodward is a full time blogger, who blogs about affiliate marketing, giving tips and content on how to do well in the world of affiliate marketing. His blog shows that he invests a lot of my time in developing ‘out of the box’ methods for driving traffic and revenue across my fleet of sites in various niches.

Matthew share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the online marketing arena with great success.

Matthew explore his love for SEO in, which is an SEO agency where he expresses his obsession for SEO. The agency specializes in ranking sites in search engines. Unlike other affiliates Matthew always anticipates changes in Google Algorithms and he salivates over the changes that it would bring. Also, Matthew have researched, built, developed and ranked over 40 websites in the past 3 years while expanding and developing my skill in SEO.

Also he works with Compare My Mobile where he started in August 2010, he is in charge of the online marketing, SEO strategy and growth in the mobile recycling sector.
Find out Matthew’s content strategy in this video:

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