Ryan Hudgins: A Media Strategist With A Difference 2018

Ryan Hudgins holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and applied communication from the Auburn University. How Ryan Hudgins grew from just being a graduate with no experience to currently holding a managerial position in intercontinental groups is a success story worth sharing. Today Ryan Hudgins is a force to reckon with in the affiliate marketing niche.

How it all started

After Ryan Hudgins graduated from the university he started out as a media strategist in zenith optima where he worked for a while then moved on to clear channel where he worked as an account executive for 1 year. Not feeling overly satisfied with his job and seeking means to further expand his pool of knowledge, Ryan Hudgins moved from clear channel to loyalty marketing solutions where he worked as a media manager. It was while making his move from loyalty marketing solutions to TMP worldwide where he worked as an interactive campaign analyst that Ryan Hudgins decided to go for an MBA in Kennesaw state university also known as Micheal J coles college of business. This decision was made as a result of his flair for business. By the time he was done with his masters, Ryan Hudgins made his move from TMP worldwide to the home depot where he worked as an affiliate marketing account manager under contract basis. It was at this company that his corporate affiliate marketing journey began and he has been growing since then.

Personal and Professional experience

Ryan Hudgins prides himself as a highly skilled individual which he is: he boasts of his analytical skill, his expertise in media buying and planning, paid social media marketing strategy and also full funnel digital marketing. Little wonder his growth has been positive such that his current employment in the intercontinental hotel groups has only seen his success. From being the performance marketing manager, global affiliate program to being the coordinator marketing strategies he grew to be the manager, performance marketing; affiliate and digital media, he is currently the manager, performance marketing and paid social at the intercontinental hotel group.


Ryan Hudgins has been consistent in all his doings. He knew where he wanted to get to in the future and he maintained that lane hence his numerous achievements. In 2012, he was awarded the commission junction advertiser of the year. While working for the home depot as an affiliate marketing account manager, he helped to generate a sum of $30million. Ryan Hudgins has worked in intercontinental hotel group for four years and in those four years all that can be seen is his tenacity and willingness to move the company whilst moving himself from one level to the next. In his current position in IHG, Ryan Hudgins has successfully lead a team into developing strategies which ensures that the intercontinental Hotel Group is tops within the digital space so far. This is no ordinary feat.
Ryan Hudgins knows his onions, he has positioned himself in such a way that whenever the services of a digital marketer is needed, his name is sure to come up.

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