Rae Hoffman: The Sugar Spice Of Affiliate Marketer 2017

There are not a lot of women in affiliate marketing but Rae Hoffman aka Sugar Rae is really holding it down for the ladies as she is one of the leading affiliate marketer in the world for well over 16 years.

Rae Hoffman’s foray into the world of internet marketing came as a result of a terrible incident involving her son who developed pediatric stroke. She kicked off a website talking about his conditions and it soon became the first international support groups on pediatric stroke in 1998.

Rae Hoffman taking large strides towards affiliate marketing from her position at Geosign where she was solely responsible for all organic search engine marketing efforts, as well as playing very important roles in the planning and execution of new site initiatives. It was through this site that she discovered affiliate marketing and took some time to learn the trade and today she is one of the most popular figures in the business.

She also managed all employees, with regards to hiring efforts in their SEO division, additionally, she served as a trainer for their general staff across several divisions. All these, She did within a year, before deciding to explore new terrain.

She later became the co-owner and managing director of MFE where she was a publisher of various websites across various topic areas which were monetized through various advertising.

As Managing Director, her job was to strategize company growth and oversee all day to day operations making sure that they fell in line with the organisation’s strategic goals of creating affiliate/contextual brands.

Rae is one of the leading figures of organic search engine optimization and has carved a niche for herself in this sector. She is also one of the best minds in affiliate branding and blogging.

Rae Hoffman’s Affiliate Money Spinners
Rae is a publisher of various websites across various topic areas that are monetized via various advertising avenues. As CEO of Sugarrae, her job is to oversee all growth and strategy for the company. She is also the primary author and editorial director of the often controversial but well regarded Sugarrae Internet marketing blog.

She is also the CEO of push fire. After going through the difficult ordeal of losing a child, Rae set her path on affiliate marketing. And made a lot of money from it.

(Blogging: Sugar Rae’s makes a large chunk of her earnings from her blog where she posts controversial issues relating to affiliate marketing and has helped to disrupt the industry.

Branding: Sugar Rae is also deep into affiliate market brand and this has helped her pull in well over $500,000 annually.)

Sugar Rae is also a regular columnist at Search Engine Land and has been featured in numerous media publications surrounding the topic of search marketing.

Rae Hoffman is an avid traveller and when she is not on the road and participating in her Houston Heart and Stroke Walk every year, educating the public about childhood stroke. She is speaking at events like WebmasterWorld’s Publishers Conferences, Search Engine Strategies, Karcher Group SEM Seminar, SEOClass Workshop Series, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), and Affiliate Summit

According to her; My goal with Sugarrae is to help other people learn how to change their financial lives online. If you’re looking to build an income with a blog or affiliate website, you’ll find actionable information you can use to start making real progress toward your goals,

She says
“My first son suffered a massive stroke as a baby that left him severely multiply handicapped. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 15.
It would have been easy to be defeated. But, I chose to find the lessons and not the excuses in those situations and became a successful entrepreneur. I’m a firm believer that your situation does not determine your result – your attitude does”.

Here’s her own words about Finding Profitable Content Ideas:

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