Rae Dolan: Racking In Millions Online 2018

Rae Dolan is a typical example of a woman who went through the hassles of life and came out non- defeated. Prior to being the proud owner of a multi-million dollar business and a highly respected marketing consultant, she was a waitress, with no sufficient earnings and a severely multiply handicapped son diagnosed with bilateral stroke.
How it all started
When Rae popularly known as sugarrae, found out about her son, she was devastated, she had no means to take care of him efficiently and her then husband could barely afford a 64 dollar light bill. It was that bad but Sugarrae is a firm believer that your situation does not determine your result, your attitude does and so she stood firmly to this belief and pushed. Rae Dolan eventually became the first person to form an international support group for parents and families with paediatric stroke survivors to ever register at the American heart foundation. As days ran into weeks and weeks into months, the support group grew to 5000 families and got interviewed by USA today. Rae Dolan spent 20 to 30 hours weekly on trying to support this group but they were still no steady stream of income. This was how she started her quest in affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing Journey
One day she stumbled on a page on the internet that introduced affiliate marketing to novices, seeing this as an opportunity to make some money online, Rae indicated interest by asking basic questions about affiliate marketing and in two weeks, Rae took the answers that she got from the page and schooled herself in html and SEO and built herself a website. This caught the attention of a man who was impressed by how fast she learnt these skills. That man took her by the hand and showed her the ropes. Rae Dolan has never looked back since then.
With the little knowledge she had, she had hoped to make at most weekly earnings of 1000 dollars and in 6 months she massively outweighed her goals and she would always state that this was as a result of a lot of sleepless nights, hard work and consistency. Today Rae Dolan is a proud co-owner of push fire and custom comet, author of the sugarrae dot com blog and a real estate investor powering Audrey micah investments. She has also spoken at a lot of events which includes; SMX west, SMX east, SMX advanced, Jane of Digital event (sponsored by Bing) pubcon, pubcon south, SEO class and a host of others.
Rae Dolan eventually lost her son when he was 15. This did not deter her as she attributes her success to the challenge life placed in front of her. She took her situation and converted it into a means of livelihood and she is forever grateful for the experience that took her from being a graduate of the foster care system with only a GED to becoming the proud owner of a multi-million dollar company. In her words, “take no prisoners and make no excuses in business or life”

Here she is refering to the big crashing suspect that SEO is dead

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