R. L “Robert” Adams a Miracle Tale 2018

Robert’s story is a rather unique one. In 2011, his life literally fell apart.

His business came crashing down, his marriage followed, and as it happens for most people, everyone he called friend, left him to his fate. It is safe to say that he failed in a major way.
Robert says “It was the lowest point of my existence…”
As the old saying goes “Once you hit rock bottom, there’s no place else to go than up”

Robert wanted to improve his life at all costs. He wanted things to get better but seemed to lack any ideas on how to move begin the process of facilitating an upward momentum from rock bottom.

Because he didn’t really have much to lose, he took even bigger risks. This was arguably his best decision and it was only going to be a matter of time before it payed off, eventually giving him an even better status than he had found himself initially.

Robert says “Even though I was nearly homeless at the time with very little hope left in this world, somehow I mustered the courage to move forward and learn”.

But the process was obviously never going to be an easy one. He wandered in the shadows for a couple of years, most times doubting his abilities, not really knowing what he wanted to do or how to get it done.

“It was around that point that I locked myself up in a room and started to write. I’m not sure where it all came from, but it just flowed out of me”.
Over next 18 months, Robert had become a typewriter, and he would sit and write night and day like his very existence depended on it.
He had written 3 dozen books. He built up a large passive income stream and created numerous courses and niche websites. But the biggest and most important skill that he acquired during this time was search engine optimization (SEO).

Robert’s Affiliate Money Spinners

He so easily became such a prolific writer that he started writing for some of the biggest media publishing houses in the world such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine (amongst others), becoming one of the most well-known and most-viewed authors on those respective platforms
He continued to churn out content and very reliable ones to for whoever indicated the need for his service and with this, he grew into an accomplished writer within his own ranks.

“I have no idea where it all came from, but I had this burning desire to share what I learned with others”. Robert says
A couple of years down the line and Wanderlust Worker was born. According to Robert “It’s my way of sharing what I’ve learned with others who might be going through their own bouts with difficulties”.

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