Pat Flynn: The Most transparent Affiliate 2017

When it comes to being open about income and trick of the trade, no one does it better than Patt Flynn who is a blogger and podcaster became a force in the industry through his website, Smart Passive Income.

Pat Flynn’s journey into internet market started off after he was laid off in the architectural firm where he was working and he decided to start up a website to help other architects pass the LEED exam. What started off as a help website became even bigger when he started getting a lot of views on the website and he never looked back ever since.

Pat Flynn made the idea of publishing details of affiliate income popular in the affiliate marketing circle popular and this became his most trafficked posts on his site.

Pat Flynn’s Affiliate Money Spinner

Pat Flynn’s foray into the world of internet and affiliate marketing as earned him quite a lot of money as he has well over $4 million in less than 6 years. These are his top money earning ventures.

  • Podcast: Patt Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast has earned well over $1 million with over 10 million downloads. The podcast is constantly ranked on the top 10 list in the business category on iTunes.
  • – He also pulls a lot of money from his food franchise and there are rumours of a takeover soon

However, his major focus had always been on working on Smart Passive Income which is a website that he uses to teach proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income. In his own words;

I was so excited I wanted to share how it all happened and what I had learned, so I created that same month. Then, as sales grew on the LEED stuff, I had more and more to talk about and I kept sharing how much I was earning and what I was leaning — things that went right, and stuff that didn’t go right. A year and a half later, I started to accumulate a large following and be known as a transparent leader in the space of online business education. I then started a YouTube Channel and my podcast.

When he is not making passive income or recording one of his podcast, he deliberates on the board of the non-profit Pencils of Promise and is also an advisor to tech start-ups LeadPages and ConvertKit.
Here you can watch him speack the truth about rejection and success (12:00 min):

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