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Nicholas or Nick Reese as he is fondly known is the CEO and co-founder of Microbrand Media, a media company which specializes in building very useful tools in the home services and business services industries.
Once upon a time, long before Nick became the super affiliate marketer he has become today, Nicholas Reese attended the University of Central Florida, where he bagged a Bachelor degree in Finance. Little did he know that here at the University of Central Florida, he would actually be a guest lecturer in his own class. And yes it happened, soon after his success in the world of Affiliate marketing, He was a guest lecturer in his own class!

While dealing with the everyday challenges associated with college, he somehow managed to find the time to build two companies. One of which was an email company that served hundreds of realtors and the other a company specializing in sub-prime loan leads.
After school, it was only normal for Nick to have a burning desire to go all the way, however, he decided to learn a little first. He began his sojourn through the labour market with his first stop at Sotheby’s International Realty as an email marketing contractor. A position he probably didn’t enjoy as he left in just four months…(I suspect the pay was less than efficient)

Nicholas Reese’s Affiliate Money Spinner
After working for over a decade in the sector, simultaneously building useful tools, for business and home services alike, Nick decided to test the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship but through the path of Affiliate marketing. One of Nicholas’s most profound achievements would be Gwun which he set up out of his frat house and it grew exponentially, having over 800 agents in less than 4 years.
This was no easy feat given the conditions and circumstances surrounding the creating of this miracle business. Coupled with that kind of growth which even seasoned entrepreneurs seem to be wary about. Nick’s sojourn through the mucky waters of entrepreneurship in the environment and his triumph showed his gut, and determination when put on a task. This is a character he has carried throughout his journey in the Affiliate marketing industry.
Presently, he holds the positions of partner and resident rockstar at AU interactive, Co-Founder at Microband Media, and Co-Founder at Broadband Now. Nick Reese has also had the pleasure of working in so many different lead generation verticals ranging from to web hosting, to finance, to photography, and even to education.

Very recently however, his focus has been on building collection sites which aid with the task of informing consumers about their options with regards to internet access.

Current public assets include: and

In 2016, he and his team helped 13.6 million people find internet service.

In this video sharing his wisdom with a deep look inside a successful $60k/year affiliate marketing campaign.

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