Neil Patel: The Social Media Guru 2017

Neil Patel is not exactly an affiliate marketer in reality, but he is close to it. He has emerged as a very successful entrepreneur at a very young age.

Neil created his first company Crazy Egg which is an analytics software that allows website owners to see what visitors are doing when they visit your site through “heatmaps” of visitor’s clicks. He wanted to sell the company for $10 million but no one was ready to pay for it. He tried his best to sell Crazy Eggs to venture capitalist but no one was interested. Finally, he decided that hence no one was going to buy, he could try to make this business profitable. This he did with time.

Eventually, crazy egg succeeded but Neil wanted to start another company it took him a while but he did it. He named his new company KISSmetrics, a company which is an analytics platform that tracks who’s visited your website, the specific action each user takes and the lifelong value of the customer. The data generated provides valuable information that can be used to improve sales and customer experience. Neil spends most of his time to trying to make KISSMetrics a 100 million dollar company in the nearest future.

Before Neil Patel decided to go into the unchartered waters of affiliate marketing, he worked at an amusement park where he gathered the money trying to get a head start. He however lost all his money and was broke for quite a while.

After that episode, the next company Patel worked with was an electrical power company with which he began to understand the potential of online advertising and the large cash checks that lay there waiting to be removed.

According to Patel, he built his abilities based on over delivering and honesty with clients. And he is yet to regret that decision.

He has worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world, from general motors, eBay, google, NBC, Viacom but nothing is more satisfying than helping little companies grow.

Neil Patel is definitely not lacking in the region of accolades as he has received awards from the White house, the US House of Representatives as well as the United Nations.

Patel attended California State University, Fullerton where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing starting 2003 – 2007

Patel speaks three languages, Gujarati, Spanish and Swahili.

He resides around orange county California area.

He specializes in digital marketer and analytics junkie.

His specialties include Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Growth Hacking

Here’s a chance to hear from his own mind about marketing:

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