Mr. Lorenzo Green: Graphics and Affiliate 2017

At 16 he started doing a bit of freelance graphic design. Then at 17, he dabbled with domain buying and selling. For which he was also being occasionally paid to play Age of Empires for a “clan” At 18, He went to his first domain name conference in the US. This prompted his work with Search Engine Optimization (SE0) and PPC.

At 19 PPC arbitrage started getting serious as he began making tens of thousands of dollars per month doing this. Then a year later, He grew his first grey hairs after my business partner ran off with a hugh amount of his own money. This according to Mr. Lorenzo Green was a huge turning point for him. He therefore stopped PPC Arbitrage and went on to developing, buying and selling websites.

At 22 he finished university with a degree in E-Commerce and digital media design and was now faced with the decision of getting a “real job” or continuing his rather interesting escapade of making money online.

His online ventures were just too volatile at that time to make them a full-time job. Therefore, he decided to give himself two months to make something stick or consider going down the cliché 9-5 path. This he said, was the launch of his full-time affiliate marketing career.

At 24 Mr. Lorenzo Green was into Affiliate marketing full-time. He proceeded to launch to document his daily work as well as proceedings and vent his frustrations with the industry.

A year later, leading a lifestyle he confesses that he thoroughly enjoys, coupled with a very steady income no one can complain about, He says if he had to do it all over again, he would probably do the exact same thing

Mr. Lorenzo Green says that to be a successful online advertiser or affiliate marketer, you must be prepared to lose before you win.

“If you want to make money, you need to be willing to lose first. Be prepared financially and mentally. A lot of people try to swing for the fences and look for profit immediately only to give up shortly after. You’re going to lose some money at the beginning. Keep calm! It’s part of the journey. Study and learn affiliate marketing inside and out; you’ll get better. We have all lost money to get to where we are now.”

Here he is on important panel, listen to his wise words on challenges on the road to making daily 5 figures (25:00min):

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