Mike Morgan the experienced one 2018

Mike Morgan who happens to be a Husband, and a father of two. resides in the Greater Memphis Area, which is the same area where he got his degree in professional studies and organisational leadership (The University of Memphis) Talk about being anti-dora!
Throughout his shinning career, Mike has directed holistic digital strategies for agencies, small businesses & big corps. He has also been directly involved in data studies as well as , growing brands & development of modern day marketplaces.
Mike started out as a sales support coordinator in the year 2007. Here he worked for 2 whole years for the Farmer Brothers in the greater Memphis area. He was a very efficient staff in his new role and as such had his hands in virtually all areas of the organisation. His work description included the Management of Inventory, the product management planning, scheduling, risk assessment, as well as inside sales and warehouse management.

He later decided to explore a little and stirring the waters of adventure, he soon found himself at Affinity Paramount where he worked as a marketing specialist for a few months. Here at Affinity Paramount, he represented marketing efforts digitally and traditionally for numerous foodservice brands around his region. After his stint at Affinity Paramount, Mike later went on to hold positions at NCH as an account manager for a 2-year period and shortly after held a lucrative position of a technical project manager at Impactflow. A position he held for just one year. While at Impactflow, his functions involved managing a 2000+ SKU product portfolio to hundreds of clients and social media management and marketing respectively.

Mike’s Affiliate Money Spinners
Before all the talk about Affiliate marketing, Mike had worked with some big guns in other industries, perhaps this experience moulded his character and work rate for the work that was to come. He had brief stints with Hilton as a Digital Optimization consultant, Like many affiliate marketers, Micheal Morgan launched his own company “Michael Morgan” (His company) where he worked as the digital marketing consultant for three years and performed Search Engine Optimization SEO’s Adwords, for clients as well as general social media marketing with customized solutions for each client.

Presently, he holds yet another lucrative position at HKCUS/Palm Coast Imports LLC where he is an e-commerce manager whose job description includes directing the overall growth and strategic direction of the organisation’s online presence. He is also responsible for developing and managing a comprehensive online strategy including internal and external promotions.
Mike has come a long way to become a household name in the Affiliate marketing spheres.
Thanks to the enormous amount of experience gathered throughout his foray in various industries.

Here’s interview with Mike, where he share his mind

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