Mike Colella: The King Of Adwords 2018

Mike Colella is more than just the founder of Adbeat. He is that man who successfully went from owing $100,000 in debt to having $2.2 million in affiliate commissions within a year. He did this without a website of his own, without any employees and for the first 6 months, he was working full time as an engineer in Intel. Mike Colella is an epitome of a hardworking man who understands the intricacies of success and is willing to push through all the odds to achieve it.
Mike Colella started out as a novice in internet marketing. He had no idea on how to make a website; he had no understanding about how money can be made online all he knew was that he was going to find some way to make money online. Having an interest in fitness, Mike Colella decided to focus on how to make money from his passion. He started trying to make a website about fitness, and he planned to sell AdSense ads or put AdSense ads on his website to make some money through advertising. He decided against using AdSense as a means to make money out of his website and decided to do affiliate marketing instead. Throughout the year 2007 of running with the affiliate marketing as a means of making money online, Mike Colella made an average of $5 to $10. One would expect that this would deter him, but Mike Colella was grateful for that experience. Even though he made no money, he learned a lot about HTML, Photoshop, and things that are needed for any online business. He took this experience and marched on.
The King Of Adwords
With his new experience, Mike Colella decided to try his hands on pay per click advertising. He started out by spending $10 a day on Google AdWords. Mike Colella was very careful in picking the product he wanted to market. He made sure that the product he chose was something he was sure would make money, and the product was along the line of his passion; fitness and the product were called “truth about abs.” This product was not pulling in sales as he thought it would, so he re-strategized and increased his ad spend. Two months later, he did a profit of $5000 and the month after that he did $25,000 in profit, and he kept scaling up his ad spend and making much more money than he thought he would ever make.
The Birth Of Adbeat
On how he was successful in creating the right ad sets, Mike Colella always studied the ads for successful products and modeled after their procedure. Still not satisfied and born out of the need to understand the tricks top advertisers used in successfully turning ads to sales, he created his software called Adbeat, and it took two years after the creation of Adbeat before he began to sell the software.
Rose Above Challenges
He faced so many challenges with this product as he had no programming background and it was difficult to get programmers who understood exactly what he wanted. According to him, Adbeat took months and months of time and money before it became successful. If there is something to learn from Mike Colella, it is his determination to succeed and his consistency. His words “you don’t have to be discouraged at the beginning when losing money because you will always lose money at the beginning” should always be a guide to people looking to start online businesses.

Here, Mike share his knowledge regarding display ads

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