Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: Queen of Financial Management 2018

Michelle, a digital nomad RVing across North America is a personal and lifestyle blogger, founder of making sense of cents, and an authority in the world of financial management.

2 undergraduate degrees, 1 finance MBA and a master’s degree later, Michelle was $38,000 hands and feet in debt. This was what led to the birth of her blog. This blog was set up to help improve the state of her finances and monitor its flow. One of the successes she encountered through this was a quick offset of her student loan within 7 months, quite a remarkable feat.

Michelle left her 9–5 as a financial analyst, to become an online freelancer and solopreneur, publishing monthly income updates about her online earnings which have surpassed $70,000 monthly. Losing her father to brain and lung cancer in 2008, Michelle can definitely relate to someone dealing with the loss of a loved one and is open to talk with anyone that would like to share with her.

Today, her blog is well-recognized and sought after in matters relating to finances and money management. She enjoys finance and life related topics and strives to use her blog to educate people about finance, frugality and savings.


Michelle has been nominated for and won several prestigious awards, which cuts across the world of finances and personal lifestyle. Some of which include; Best Personal Finance Blog for Millennial by the Plutus Awards in 2015, after being nominated in 2013 and 2014. She also won the Blog of the Year by the Plutus Awards at FinCon in 2016.  She was also voted amongst the 25 Must – Follow Personal Finance Blogs from around the world on Blogtrepreneur.

These are just a few of the over 20 awards and recognitions she has received since the inception of her blog. She has featured repeatedly on 80 prominent websites, including Forbes’s Feature, Huffington Post, Time’s, Entrepreneur, and Inc.’s.

Michelle and her husband of 9 years bought their first house when she was 20. She has graced 8 podcast interviews, sharing about personal finance, secrets of full time RV Living. Thanks to her accurate balances on credit cards, she has been gifted rewards of free earnings and super cheap vacations. But when she is not travelling, she is spends time teaching people and with her wealth of knowledge, you can’t do no wrong in internet marketing.

Michelle shares her prespective and strategies in this interview:

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