Mark Ling: From pizza delivery boy to 12m net worth man 2017

Mark Ling is one of the most influential and respected affiliate marketers in the world who has millions of dollars working on the internet. The New Zealand native started off as a Pizza delivery guy and he took some time to read up on internet marketing opportunities, He revealed that the moment that changed his life was when his friend showed him a $50 cheque that he got from hosting a banner on his website when he was still in College back in the 1990s.

“I was working as a pizza delivery guy for $5 an hour back then, so $50 sounded fantastic… especially for sitting back and doing nothing!” He said

He was fascinated by the opportunities that PPC provided and decided to focus on that. He worked on this model and today is one of the leading affiliates who deal with PPC model only.

Mark Ling is a passionate affiliate marketer whose affiliate marketing tactics have been proven to be successful and he now has thousands of students that he teaches through his website Affilorama. He has been listed on Deloitte’s Fast 50 and won numerous business and affiliate marketing events.

Mark Ling’s Money Spinners

Mark spent his first few years learning the tricks of the trade, in other words, operating below the radar. Trying to make money in all kinds of markets ranging from Dating advice, wedding speeches, guitar lessons, dog training, and Spanish lessons.

“In that time, I was perfecting my system which lets me make money in pretty much any market I go into” It’s not just a “one-hit wonder” He says.

About a decade later, Mark had gone from earning fifty bucks a month to earning a 7 figure income by simply promoting people’s online products and creating his campaigns as well.

Mark confesses that these days seem a lot more difficult than his beginner days as you might be required to be really clever. Lots of people are trying to get their own slice of the pie and as a result, flood the affiliate marketer market place today.

PPC: Mark Ling is a super affiliate that has perfected the act of Pay Per Click model and promotes offers on social media

Blogging: Mark Ling is a successful blogger whose opinion is highly respected in the affiliate marketing circle and his website Affilorama gets close to 300,000 visits from affiliate marketers on a daily basis.

Adsense: Through his website, Mark Ling draws in huge profit which he catches through Adsense and also through banner ads on his website.

In 2005, he founded a media company Doubledot with his partner Simon Slade in New Zealand and through this they have created loads of companies like Affilorama, TRaffic Travis and Salehoo. That is aimed at helping people create successful online…

Ling has been in the internet marketing arena for quite some time and has earned a pretty good reputation helping people make money during that time and his net worth is currently at $12 million and growing fast every day. He also organizes training and seminars in different continents around the world and is one of the super affiliates that organizes periodic webinars.

Mark Ling also draws additional income from his consultant and product creation platforms and his e-commerce company SaleHoo Group Limited. He is also the author of Affiloblueprint, which is a complete affiliate marketing course. He is also involved with Commission Blueprint V1 which focuses fully on PPC.

Listen Mark talking honestly about success potential in the affilaie marketing niche:

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