LUKE PER fly an all-round nice guy 2018

Luke Kling, who is widely referred to as LukePeerFly. PeerFly which is owned by Luke has grown to be one of the top affiliate networks during his time as Affiliate Manager and as a result of that, he has gotten the popular vote among the affiliate marketers in the industry. He is very proud of the growth at PeerFly and everything it has given him thus far.
Luke is currently the director of marketing at peerfly.Inc. While He presently lives in Alachua Florida, he attended Streator High School between 2004 to 2007 and then headed on to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Information web application development from Illinois State University.

From there, he began his active career in Affiliate marketing moving on to become an affiliate manager at for a little over 4 years while garnering massive experience as he went. After, Luke had learnt a lot about the affiliate marketing industry which was still in it’s infancy In those days. He then decided to set up shop at PeerFly which happened to be his next stop. He gradually become quite a hand at where he earned the name Luke per fly.
He has since then worked his way to the top to now become the Director of Marketing at Peer His job description involves managing the marketing departments of Peerfly.Inc including all affiliate management teams and also in-house marketing assets.

Luke per fly possess many skills among which are Seacrh Engine Optimization (SEO) Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Management, Google Analytics, Online Lead generation to mention but a few
Travis Glenn, who happens to be a Business development director at peerfly had this to say about Luke
“Luke is one of the most disciplined, motivated, and intelligent people I have ever known. He is a tremendous asset to the company and just an all-around great guy. It’s great to see Luke get recognized as a top Affiliate Manager in this industry, he deserves it 100%”.

Ryan Arnfinson a Marketing Director at also had this to say
“Luke is an attentive, helpful affiliate manager. You do well to learn from his ongoing efforts within the excellent affiliate network.”
Luke per fly money spinners
Luke per fly has had quite an exceptional career as an affiliate and online marketer and as a result has not fallen short of accolades attached to his name. He was voted the Affiliate Manager of the year Pinnacle Award from Affiliate Summit. Affiliate Summit describes the Pinnacle Awards as:
“The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards are affiliate marketing’s most prestigious, competitive honour for the leaders in the space. Award winners are recognized because they are innovative leaders with vision and influence.”

Listen to his presentation about his soul business:

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