Luke King: An Affiliate King 2018

Luke King has created a massive impact in the affiliate marketing world so much so that his reputation precedes him. You mention the name Luke King and he is immediately identified as one of the best affiliate managers in the world. Just like every success story Luke King did not start out being a master in this game. It took him years of hard work, consistency and dedication to get to the top of the affiliate marketing ladder

How it all started

Luke King started at a very young age in the digital world. He is a typical example of someone who already knew what he wanted and strived so hard to achieve it. At the tender age of 13 Luke King had started designing websites. He started working in the affiliate marketing world in his sophomore year in high school; he got a job in XY7 as an affiliate marketer and worked there till his freshman year in college. He had hoped that taking a break in affiliate marketing would give him time to study and focus in school so he stopped working with XY7. While in college, he realized that he needed money to pay for an apartment and college expenses, he went back to XY7 and was accepted. This goes to show that the value he brought into his job was over the charts. Luke king eventually graduated from Illinois state university in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in web application development.

Personal and professional experience

Luke King loves affiliate marketing, according to him; he finds affiliate marketing to be fun and successful. He trained himself to be the best affiliate marketer whilst working in XY7 just that when it was time to make a leap from XY7 to peerfly he was ready. He patiently worked in peerfly for 9 years because peerfly was an epitome of the kid of affiliate marketing he was interested in. he is currently the Director of marketing in peerfly and has helped build their affiliate network to over 300,000 affiliates.


Asides from being the Director of marketing in peerfly, Luke King has won so many awards; best affiliate manager at peerfly, number 1 best affiliate manager in the world on performance insider and he was the affiliate summit pinnacle award winner. Asides from being a multiple award recipient, Luke King has painstakingly tried to give back to the society and to the people who have helped him in one way or the other. He has created numerous blogs that would assist anyone interested in pitching a tent in affiliate marketing. He also started an affiliate manager blog for his company peerfly with the intention of sharing his knowledge of affiliate marketing with his peerfly publishers and colleagues.
Luke King is a success. He wanted success so much that he grabbed it with both hands. He applied the rule of consistency, patience and a willingness to grow to get to where he is today. Today Luke King is one of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

Here’s Luke with his latest marketing tool:

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