Lisette Howard: A Superwoman On and Off The Internet 2018

Why does a woman who lives with her husband, two sons and a dog in Los Angeles create such a massive buzz in the affiliate marketing industry? Lisette Howard is no ordinary woman; she has created a successful name for herself in the affiliate marketing niche and is known widely for the value she gives in and out of work.

How it all started

Lisette Howard graduated from the University of California with a bachelor in art in communications. Lisette Howard believes in growth, she believes that to get to the top, you have to slowly work your way up there hence her 10 years’ experience in affiliate marketing. Lisette Howard started out in commission junction where she worked as the agency program manager before moving to apogee media network. At apogee media network she was the senior affiliate marketing manager for a while then moved on to becoming the account manager at Tapjoy, Venice which is a mobile monetization platform. Her flair and her experience in affiliate marketing moved her from Tapjoy to Schaaf; partner Centric where she worked as the senior affiliate program manager. Today Lisette Howard is the director of client services and performance at partner centric. Her versatility and experience prepared her for the job. At partner centric she oversees the affiliate team of program managers and marketing analyst

Personal and professional experience

Lisette Howard’s growth is exponential, she moved on from one responsibility to a bigger responsibility and successfully managed in every position she found herself in. working in various firms has also helped in making her a strong force to contend with in the affiliate marketing world. Working for Tapjoy, apogee media network, commission junction and currently in partner centric has only helped to cement her to the experienced and successful woman she is today.


Great Achievements can only be gotten through hard work and Lisette Howard is a typical example of a woman who has been greatly rewarded for her hard work. At partner Centric Lisette Howard is being saddled with the responsibility of implementing strategy within the account management, REACH and all strategic opportunity tears of the company. She has been invited to speak at various events and affiliate summits where she spilled amazing content. Lisette Howard has also written in various blogs where she displayed her affiliate marketing prowess. Some of the blogs include the performanceIN and the all performance marketing. Suffice it to say, Lisette Howard has been able to achieve this whilst being a mother to two amazing sons and an amazing wife to her husband.
The affiliate marketing world would hold no regard for you if you have nothing to prove your successes in the niche. Lisette Howard has proven her strengths and intelligence by constantly achieving greatness in whatever task she is being given. She is able to achieve this through constant years of practice via experience and the dire need to give out value in whatever endeavour she embarks on. Being a Lisette Howard means fighting against all odds to succeed.

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