Kristen Gadja: Started From The Bottom 2018

Kristen Gadja is one of those people who successfully built a booming career from scratch. Kristen Gadja has embraced many challenges which according to her helped her build herself professionally and personally. She is an epitome of the saying that goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” her challenges made her who she is today. Today she is a merchant Development Manager and an expert in marketing and advertising
How it all started
Kristen Gadja graduated from the Illinois state university where she read marketing strategy while in school Kristen between a humanitarian volunteered in the American cancer society, relay for life and Y- me race to empower breast cancer. She didn’t stop volunteering as she currently still volunteers at the Lombard town center and the village of Lombard where she provides help in the areas of marketing and advertising and also helping them maintain their social media pages. Once Kristen was done with school she got a job at Game theory LLC where she acted as a media buyer and marketing analyst. By October 2010, she started working with Norvax Inc. as the affiliate manager- social media. She moved on to become the affiliate coordinator at Dreams Inc. / fanatics Inc. she currently works at ShareASale, Inc. as the merchant development manager and has been working in ShareASale since 2013.
Kristen Gadja has always created a strong impact in wherever she goes as she is passionate about her job and it is this passion which she brings from within that enables her to deliver only the best in whatever project she handles. While at Game Theory she helped to build a strong communication concept that helped in proffering solutions to their challenges and meet both their short-term and their long-term goals. Volunteering is no small feat, Kristen Gadja is so passionate about what she does that she chose to volunteer with it. She currently still helps out during town events at Lombard town center and the village of Lombard. While at Norvax Inc. she provided leadership and grew to become the main contact of Norvax affiliate program. She also successfully increased the number of affiliates and helped in enhancing existing relationships. While at ShareASale Kristen Gadja became an author in the ShareASale blog and published lots of articles with lots of values.
In all this, Kristen Gadja is as human as they get. She loves to play volleyball, train her dog, cook and be with family and friends. Kristen is someone who grew and strived hard to be successful, she is young, vibrant and never ceases to stop learning every day. Every article ever published by Kristen Gadja reflects her personality; her doggedness and how very smart she is.
In the affiliate marketing space, Kristen Gadja is sure to turn heads by her achievements. It is obvious that Kristen grew from learning to help others; she understands the importance of helping others achieve their own goals and creating means to make it easier for them. Kristen teaches us that sometimes, in achieving the success, you have to help others achieve it too.

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