KIM ROWLEY: She Takes No Prisoners 2017

Kim Rowley is a divorced work-at-home mom of four in a small town in Nebraska. She possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business which she claims taught her nothing about computers, let alone websites.

She however somehow managed to learn about marketing, networking, accounting and the likes.

She started Shopping in 1999 as a regular hobby to get by those days however, her hobby became fun and generate a source of income for her when companies decided to start paying her for promotions on their deals and freebies through affiliate marketing.

Ever since, there has been no turning back for the “work in my pajamas” mother of four from a small town in Nebraska.

She has now expanded her portfolio of websites through affiliate marketing and online advertising and she now shares her expertise through consulting.

She even founded her own internet company, Key Internet Marketing, Inc. and went further to win the Affiliate Marketing Legend Pinnacle Award.

Kim Rowley says “I have had hundreds of people ask me how they too can “work in their pajamas” within the sweet comfort of their homes. So I decided to create this site to help others with the rather confusing topic of finding their niche in the ever expanding work-at-home market. If you already have a work at home business or website, I also list resources to market your venture” she says.

Kim Rowley is currently the Chief revenue officer at Billaway. She also doubles as the Owner at Key Internet Marketing, Inc. Before which she has had brief stints with eAccountable as an accountant executive and FMTC-co as a marketing and relations manager.

Kim Rowley attended Wayne state college where she obtained he Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with emphasis in marketing and accounting.

She has been featured in several publications including Marketing Pillow Talk podcast, USA Today and Revenue Magazine, and has presented on specific topics of ecommerce entrepreneurship, monetization strategies, and content creation at events such as BlogWorld New Media Expo, Infotec and Affiliate Summit to mention but a few.

Kim Rowley is also an adjunct Professor for the University of San Francisco tutoring in areas of Advanced Marketing Techniques. Kim Rowley engages in volunteering opportunities as a SCORE counsellor so as to share her marketing expertise to an ever eager audience. Kim also serves as a member of the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board, as you can listen to her, from 2015 summit in this video:

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