Jonathan Volke the candy man 2018

Jonathan Volk is arguably the youngest super Affiliate marketer you might come across. He currently lives in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco, CA. Despite being the youngest, Jonathan took the leap to say I do in 2009 to Maria who he dated for more than 7 years before they both grew bored and decided to settle down (am sorry, tongue slipped).

If you ever come across his writings about Maria, only then can you begin to understand what true love means. The way they look forward to growing with each other professionally and otherwise.

Jonathan Volk had always had a knack for business from an early age. He was a business minded young man from his very early years as the stories suggest. In 7th grade he was buying candy in bulk from a store and reselling for $0.50 it to his classmates, while the candy vending machines charged $0.75 for the same quantity allowing him to make a small profit with the margin.

Business was booming until he made about $400 in profit and was called into the office and asked to stop.

Jonathan’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Jonathan started his online adventure into the affiliate marketing world by building some Adsense websites which managed to rake in up to $250 daily. The issue however was that Google Adsense was very inconsistent with incomes and the margins were too small because he was doing some arbitrage with his own websites.

In 2007, Jonathan Volke had become fed-up with poor margins and feeding from scraps. He decided to take a stand instead of sitting on the fence, it was time for Jonathan to decide and get serious about affiliate marketing.
Slowly but steadily, He started to apply his techniques to affiliate marketing and quickly learned about the true potential of the Affiliate marketing business.

In order to completely understand what he was getting into, as well as further escalate his work, he researched everything he could about affiliate marketing through forums, friends, and google. (thanks God for google)
And in a matter of time, classic Jonathan, the boy who made a profit margin of $400 dollars in 7th grade from simply applying one of the simplest laws in economics was ready once again to take on the world, only this time, without the help of candy bars.

In March of the same year, Jonathan was able to leave his part-time job and fully commit to affiliate marketing. This allowed him to spend countless hours working on his internet marketing campaigns.
As he was already making a decent income, he was not forced at all to work that much, but he had fun doing it, and that’s probably one of important things to note when aiming for success.

Here’s John walk us through affiliate marketing

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