John Chow: The King Of Affiliate Blog Marketing 2017

John Chow is one of the leading affiliate marketers who have carved a niche for himself in the world of blogging and he doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

John Chow started off on the 9-5 job but barely lasted only 8 months before he packed his bag and said he was done with it for good.

He was born in Mainland China but his family moved to Canada when he was just age 7 and took to the internet to connect to people around him and this ignited his interest in the possibility that the internet provides. John Chow took his love for the internet a bit further and started a blog but he never really focused on the profit aspect of it until he was challenged by a friend to put his money where his mouth his. This simple challenge changed the world of affiliate marketing and blogging forever as he took his blog from $0 to $40,000 in just 24 months with just 2 hours work every day.

Today, his website is one of the biggest in the world as he averages over 200,000 active readers every day.

John Chow’s Affiliate Money Spinners

John Chow’s major money maker is through google adsense and posting affiliate links on his website but he has also explored other areas to make money on his website. These methods include;

  • ReviewMe – John Chow made well over $3,800 for writing and publishing reviews on his blog in his first attempt and he has continued to well over 5 figures from this method every month.
  • Text Link Ads and Text Link Ads Affiliate Program – This is one of John Chow’s frequent money maker and due to his influence he has continued to make money from selling text links and Text Link Ads affiliate program.

John Chow’s is currently listed as the number on the list of top 50 internet marketing blogger in Canada and has gone on to found his own company, TTZ Media, Inc. He also took home the award for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog in the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards and has been profiled a few times on different television network over the years.

John Chow is also an author who has written quite a number of books with one of them, Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, heading to the top of Amazon’s best seller list in just the first week of release.

John Chow is a regular feature at Affiliate summits all around the world and has also been featured in various top publications all around the world.
Listen to him explaining how to choose what affiliate products to promote:

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