Jason Stone the Millionaire Mentor 2018

Jason Stone is the founder of Millionaire Mentor LLC. He is a social media influencer who built an Instagram following from 0 to about 1.8 million in less than 2 years. He now has an email list of over 130k and has made over 1 million dollars in revenue.

If anything should be said at any gathering about modern day Affiliate marketing, Jason’s name will most definitely come up a few more times, as he is largely attributed the title of the modern-day Affiliate marketer.

Through his Instagram, he provides much needed daily inspiration and motivation on building wealth, net worth and an entrepreneur lifestyle to his over 4 million followers on Instagram.

Jason Stone, better known as the @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram turned into an Instagram sensation within the twinkle of an eye by gaining over two million followers in under two years. No hyperboles here. He actually did this and in this time and age.

Ironically, Jason attended college and is a mechanical engineer by trade, he started an engineering firm called Treadstone Performance Engineering that still runs today.

Jason is one heck of a determined fellow who would do what he would do regardless of any external influences. Everyone who has started a firm can attest to the rigorous process involve in the process of birthing a new company, talk less of the never-ending paper work one has to carefully configure in order to avoid discrepancies while operations have begun.

Starting an engineering firm is a whole different ball game altogether and it stems from the loads of abstraction you might encounter if you are not very well versed with engineering proceedings. And to make things even more complicated, Engineering has nothing slightly in common with being an online marketer.

Jason’s Affiliate Money Spinners

The reason his story about his rise to Instagram fame is an interesting one is because of his ability to have seen an opportunity and made the move. It is a very rare to see people who make “the” move based on their gut feelings. Even though we are being told every now and then to disregard the bystander effect and follow our gut feeling.

Jason had just left town and like most of us, uploaded media suggesting that he was out of town, unknown to him, criminals had gotten hold of the information and cut off his power.

While basking in the euphoria that come with vacations, Jason got a message to that effect but figured it must have been a minor power outage in his home city. The burglars then waited patiently for two days to ensure his alarm batteries were out and the stole as much as they could carry.

Jason came back to an empty apartment, and after piecing all the cues together, he deleted all his social media accounts and decided to remain away forever.

Fast forward a couple of months and Jason sees a friend who is making crazy cash on just one Instagram post. And as swift as the harmattan winds, he set up another Instagram account and the rest is history.
By forming an alliance with other Instagram guns, forming a click called “Kik”, they were able to help each other by mentions in a linear manner over a course of 15 days.

Jason says
“In the early days, I treated Instagram like a blog. I posted consistently, shared my story, my experiences as an entrepreneur, and found that motivational quotes with pictures of cars, luxury items, and public figures would get a lot of engagement”
“I enjoy connecting with people and motivating them to achieve their dreams. Showing them what the power of having a big audience can do for them.” – Jason Stone –

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