Jack Cao: The Flamboyant Affiliate 2017

Jack Cao is like every other regular guy living in Singapore and have been working ever since he graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2009. He obviously did not plan to work for other people for the rest of his life and that explains to large extents why he was always trying to find an opportunity to start his own online business.

“There are so many programs and systems out there that promises success with little to no effort. Of course any average Joe who heard of these “opportunities” would definitely be curious, and I was probably a fool for all these “opportunities”.” Jack said

He got ripped off on more than an occasion trying to find the panacea for making money online unfortunately, most of these “opportunities” or rather scams were always asking him to pay more to make even more money. Feeling cheated and disheartened, he decided to create a website to help folks like himself avoid these scams by guiding them through the right paths.

Jack undertook massive amounts of research and having dug through the wall of China to find the real opportunities that he so freely shares, in forms of business education etc.

Jack Cao was clueless on how to make money online back in 2013. He so badly wanted a way out of the rat race so he sought opportunities online. Before then, he had been into so many online opportunity scams (MLMs, option trading, etc.) and spent a fortune on them and gradually but steadily, he came to become the broke guy next door.

However, He kept pursuing and finally found a way he could make money legitimately and with a very low cost. That way happened to be Affiliate Marketing.:

Jack Cao is currently the CEO and founder of BareNakedScam. As the name implies it not only teaches those who intend to learn, it also gives insights into a scammers mind and how he thinks, thereby giving you the tools needed to identify a scammer when you come across one.

He talks about the kinky name of his website and what is all about “Well, I know this is a kinky name but it does serve its purpose. The whole idea of Bare Naked Scam is to expose online scams that poses itself as an opportunity. The mission here is to provide you with an honest and unbiased review on any online business opportunity that is available on the internet”

Here’s his simple explaination about affiliate marketing

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