Eric Nagel: Information Tech Guru 2018

Eric Nagel has always loved information technology. He is that man who knew what he wanted and pursued it till he got it. He is now a very successful multi-million dollars entrepreneur who took years of hard work and persistence to get to where he is today. Eric Nagel was not always successful and asides from owning Eric Nagel and associates he is a current affiliate summit advisor.

How it all started

Eric obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNN at Buffalo. He further went ahead to obtain a master’s degree in E-business from the university of Phoenix. Eric Nagel knew what he wanted and he went for it. As way back as 1999, Eric had already developed experience in programming and online marketing because he was and still is passionate about developing applications that enabled both businesses and teams to achieve whatever goal they have set in place

Personal and professional experience

Eric knew that to be that formidable force that he wanted to be, he had to work hard, he had to gain experience, and he had to use that experience in turn to build his empire. In 1999, he worked as the online manager of operations for choice one where he directed all aspects of web development projects. He began to work in shopper in 2005 as the project manager ad also developed affiliate websites and supporting systems. It was in 2009 that Eric Nagel decided to start his own company which he called Eric Nagel and associates. He is currently the affiliate summit supervisor and prides himself on being a CTO, an affiliate marketer and IT consultant


Eric Nagel successfully evolved Eric Nagel and associates from full-service website design to affiliate/internet marketing. He also achieved page 1 Google rankings for several competitive keywords and also increased organic search traffic. Eric Nagel was also named a top performing affiliate by multiple merchant programs; he also successfully planned and executed social media marketing campaigns that maximized customers’ revenue. He automated PPC bidding process for over 600 Google ad groups. While still being an affiliate summit advisor, he also worked at FMTC as the CTO where he contributed immensely as an engineer
Eric Nagel’s aspirations know no bounds; he started off with a company where he got promoted, and gradually, slowly he climbed up that ladder, he pushed through the shades of life to get to where he is today. While growing Eric Nagel did not forget his passion; helping people and he kept to his word as he constantly keeps helping people achieve their set goals in affiliate marketing and online marketer in general. From his life you can tell that Eric Nagel is where he is today because of consistency, training; he got a lot of training for himself to help him become better at his job and he also derives joy in helping others grow. Today Eric Nagel’s name is mentioned as one of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

In the video you can see Eric talks about marketing and programming combination, it was recorded in Inside the Minds of Affiliates from Affiliate Summit West 2011

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