David Sharpe From shackles to thrones 2018

David Sharpe, is the President, and Co-Founder of Empower Network, alongside his partner, Co-Founder CEO and top affiliate of Empower, David Wood.
The establishment which has become the star of David’s career was set up from a small room over a round of drinks.

The global head office for the company can be located around St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. With a staff strength of over 30 employees, and at least 10 remotely located team members scattered around the world.

David Sharpe had a really hard life growing up. David literally face challenges most of us only see on TV from hardship, to homelessness and addiction, it is therefore safe to say that David learnt the hard way. His early years were spent on the streets, where he learned a lot of life’s lessons. These unsavoury experiences definitely led to who David is today, the experience he has gathered the things, and events he has seen, we all agree that being in the thick of the action gives you the full view.
Despite all these travails, David persevered and overcame some of the most insurmountable hurdles any person can face.

It is quite an unbelievable task to come out of that many hurdles and still rise to the top. And this is what makes Sharpe’s story a unique one. He built all from absolutely nothing. He is largely an inspiration to many out there who face similar or even worse challenges and those who believe that their situation has become a hopeless one.

If David could against all odds come out on top, then anyone can if only the follow his principles.

David Sharp’s Affiliate Money Spinners

David Sharp’s Empower Network (EN) has a customer base of over 60,000 and thousands of affiliates who promote their products and services. Empower Network (EN) also paid out over $16 million in its first year in commissions via a pass up Uni-Level compensation plan. In traditional MLM companies. $16 million in commissions can be estimated to sales revenues of over $45 Million.

David Sharp against all odds stacked against him, changed his life, and has now gone on to help and inspire tens-of-thousands around the world to overcome the grimacing challenges associated especially with those growing up in the streets without any hope for the ever-elusive better life.

He assures them that they should never relent in their personal struggles and that they must strive continually to actualise all their business and personal goals.

David’s aggressive and effective marketing style which is most likely as a result of his experience on the streets has earned him the recognition and respect of leaders and marketers alike all around the world. Today, he is one of the highest paid marketers in the industry today.

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