David Salois: An Award Winning Affiliate 2017

David Salois is a name many in affiliate marketing spheres may recognize rather easily. As a recipient of the Platinum Expert Author Award, It is rather difficult to scroll through the archives of Affiliate marketing without coming across the name David Salois.

He was also ranked number 11 on the top 25 affiliate marketing minds of 2014

David Salois is a writer, designer, a self-taught original thinker as well as an entrepreneur and an Internet marketer. And please may we not forget in a hurry how humorous, David Salois is.

By day, David Salois is a mild mannered, self-employed Internet marketer web designer, technical writer, article writer, project manager, as he says in his blog http://blog.davesalois.com “whatever it takes to turn a buck in this economy”

David Salois lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho USA, home of the Iron Man Marathon with his wife to whom he has been married to for thirty five years. He has two beautiful adult daughters who have moved out, and a granddaughter.

David has been online since 1984, and on the Internet since 1994. He purchased his first computer only two years after the Internet was founded when surfing choices and software were still in their infancy. It is therefore safe to say that to large extents. David Salois can be called a Cyber pioneer.

In 2001, Wikipedia launched during the dotcom collapse. It was during this period that David Salois decided to make money online and he began buying eBooks for years to come.

In 2005, David Salois bought a website design and hosting business on eBay called Mr. Netbuilder and began creating and selling websites. He offered website templates and custom designed sites and built the business up over the next year.

He however sold it after it started taking too much of his time but by then had learned a lot.

He created his first converting sales funnel and sold a few reports from solo ads which he says convinced him of a steady income flow online.

He then hired freelance coders to build some websites for his customers while he learnt how to install scripts and make changes to templates.

In 2013, David Salois created two other websites “THE PLAN SHOPPE” and “Diabetes Care Update” and continued working on his blog.

He is currently the Project manager at The Plan Shoppe.

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