Daniel Scocco: Master of Code 2017

Daniel was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and at the age of 15, he immigrated to Italy with his family. Daniel has a degree in International Economics from Bocconi University. His first job was as a Market Analyst at Alcatel. Daniel resigned to pursue his passion in Technology and Internet. He learned how to code by himself. Daniel is a multi-talented individual as he speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

He started a company to build and manage websites, to further sharpen his skills he went back to the university and took some Computer Science classes at University of Campinas. After a while he started building web applications.  Daniel also participates in various programming competition and has won a few such as the Ford hackathon, and the MasterCard’s Master of Code.

In 2011, as a result of the increase in Mobile, Daniel co-founder Kubic Technology with his brother. Kubic technology specializes in developing mobile apps for the Android and iOS platforms. Kubic Technology did a lot of projects for lots of organizations including banks, restaurants etc. However, the brother lost interest and sold off the brand and website for some serious $$$.

In 2015, he started another company which is called SmartShop.com.br. The concept was to replicate the Gazelle.com model in Brazil (i.e., buying and selling used smartphones). Instead of focusing only on the website, however, we decided to have physical stores as well. This served as a learning experience for Daniel, as this was the first time, he built a business with an offline component. However, the profit did not come out as expected, so he decided to close the company.

When he is not working he likes to play chess, poker, practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and to play some blues on my saxophone or harmonica.


Daniel is an avid blogger and has a programming blog at ProgrammingLogic.com, this blog has algorithms and code snippets, Daniel give interesting solutions to programming challenges.

Daniel has over the years he built, bought and sold over 30 blogs and websites, he also founded Daily Blog Tips in 2006 to share the tips and tricks he was learning along the way; he also has a personal blog which journalizes his projects called DanielScocco.com.

Daniel is still very much into Mobile App Development. Daniel also works as a consultant, he has provided consulting services for companies and institutions, and that includes a project with the United States federal government.

Listen carefully to this genius in the video, sharing his tips and knowledge:

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