Chris Guthuri an accidental Affiliate marketer 2018

Chris Guthrie is an affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, site and software creator and also, he has so very quickly become an Amazon expert!
An affiliate marketer at heart, Chris Guthrie got his start by working with and their affiliate program. After building out several successful niche sites and seeing great earnings through his efforts, he then realised the potential in not only the market but in his abilities. He knew he could do a whole lot better.

To make this process easier and even more effective, Chris decided to create his own software to scour through Amazon and search out the best products. After a few years, Chris found himself working with Amazon once again, but this time as an actual product creator and selling through the site. A few months later and Chris was getting returns in over five figures per month in sales with just his first product launched through Amazon.

Chris Guthrie is also the founder of AmaSuite, a popular Amazon keyword research software that helps Amazon sellers find and analyse profitable products to sell on Amazon, as well as many other cool, effective and helpful features.

Chris Guthrie’s money spinners

According to Chris, He started his online business way back in 2005 and migrated to an LLC in 2007 once he started making a lot more money. He then made the move to full time self-employment in 2009 and in no time, He surpassed his goal to earn $150,000 in 2010. During this time also, he sold one of his larger websites in a deal worth six figures.

t Is safe to say that Chris Guthrie didn’t make the worst of his situation given his being fired in 2009. As is the case with most 9-5s who need a certain kind of motivation to do and stop planning, being fired was Chris’s push upward. Although before then he had engaged in Affiliate marketing, it was not until he was fired that he began to pull his weight around the affiliate marketing spheres.

when He hit his one-year anniversary of self-employment, he slowly began to realize that things would be ok. Chris says “when I received the first bank wire payment for my website in the deal worth six figures.

Seeing that much money in my bank account felt awesome and I splurged on my $500 Herman Miller SAYL chair (ridiculous I know but since I sit all day why not?). I later paid off a $26k lump sum from my wife’s student loans “
Chris has done so well in affiliate marketing circles.

Chris sold the technology review website for a six-figure sum, which gave him the capital he needed to try his hand at software development. Leveraging on his prior knowledge Amazon affiliate sales, he created a WordPress plug in that turned out to be a major hit.

    Here he is in a full revealing interview:

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