Charles NGO: Affiliate’s Biggest Figure 2017

Charles Ngo was an average student at high school and in his marketing classes at Georgia Tech, Video games were his only passion

He decided to start a few small businesses on eBay, blogging, SEO sites, but nothing really got going.

At that time, most of his friends had their lives sorted out. They all seemed happy and went into investment banking, Big 4, tech companies etc. However, Charles Ngo somehow remained clueless about his future.

He sure wanted to make a lot of money so he applied for so many jobs. Finally he landed a job doing Adwords for a big company

He however was unsatisfied and he began to buy every book he could about money and read, He then proceeded to read business blogs and articles during his lunch break and listen to audiobooks every night about business

Eventually, he stumbled on a blog and learned about affiliate marketing. And in his words “This was a game changer for me”

After learning about affiliate marketing to certain extents, he was working as a PPC guy by day, and an affiliate marketer at night.

Next, without considering risks, he dove head first and signed up for traffic sources as well as affiliate networks

After wasting about four thousand dollars, he finally hit a gold mine, and that campaign ended up making seventy five thousand dollars $75,000 in profits

Charles says that “The truth is though, as soon as I made my first single $1 from affiliate marketing, I knew this was going to be my life.

I just needed proof that this could work.

That first $1 is the most important dollar you will ever make online.”

His articles are referenced by some of the biggest websites in the world such as, Huffington Post, WikiHow and Yahoo Business.

He regularly speaks in front of massive crowds about affiliate marketing from London to Ibiza, Singapore to Berlin, New York to Bangkok

Each year, his affiliate marketing company makes millions of dollars of profit – He indeed practices what he preaches

Charles Ngo says “I’ve never been a fan of SEO, content marketing or other “free” methods of driving traffic to offers. It takes forever to get results, it’s volatile because you’re depending on algorithms not changing, and it’s never really free.

With paid traffic I can spend a few hours to set up a campaign, run some traffic to it, then analyze the results within a day.

With “free” methods, it can take months or years before you can gauge the success of your campaigns.”

Hear him out in this interview, sharing from his prespective about online marketing:

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