Chad French: The Brawn Behind Peerfly 2018

Chad French happens to be the Chief Executive Producer and co-founder of, one of the top rated affiliate networks in the industry today.

Chad was born in South Florida and was raised in North Florida. Married now with 2 kids, he enjoys watching weekend football, and trying to spend time with his family.

He started making money while he was still in grade school by selling candy. He was never a “straight A” student, but he had the passion and the will to succeed with his own venture. When Chad French first started making money online, he was a freshman/sophomore in high school and he was designing graphic banners for people in an AOL webmaster chat room known as the Web Diner.

Chad French then discovered’s affiliate program. Since then, he started the creation of his own sites and after that, he came across his first affiliate network which was the turnaround point in his life.

Chad had been in various kinds of online marketing since 1999, but did not start making substantial money till 2007 with an incentive rewards site. He sold his former business in the summer of ’08 and tried his hands at Affiliate Marketing, where he made some seriously worthwhile connections with people in the industry. He discovered almost immediately that he could live off his affiliate income, as his first month in business was amazing, and he only had to pay $120 in overhead costs.

Chad French’s Affiliate Money Maker

PeerFly: It’s a cost-per-action network that extends the sales force of sellers, service providers and product makers for free, and they only pay after results have been delivered. Chad French made use of just $30 and a brilliant idea to start, an online marketing company.

He has operated the PeerFly Affiliate Network for over 8 years. The company, which he built from scratch with just Windows Notepad and $0, is seen as one of the fastest growing performance marketing networks in the industry and is ranked by the BLUE BOOK as the #2 best CPA network in 2016. Not too long ago, PeerFly was named the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Best Overall Small Business. Its main revenue source is advertising based on performance. This makes clients pay only for a sale or lead, not just for general placement on a website or click-through.

Chad is skilled in Performance Based Marketing, Music Management, Affiliate Management, SEO, Web Development, Business Performance Management, PPC, Online Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Online Advertising, and Web Marketing.

Chad has featured in quite a number of Affiliate Marketing Summits all over the world, listen to him in this vid

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