Brook Schaaf: An Affiliate Marketing Veteran 2018

Brook Schaaf is a very important name in the affiliate marketing industry. He has been in the game since 2000, and today Brook Schaaf and his team manages over 60 different affiliate programs and currently work with most of the well-known and branded companies in the world.
Unlike other entrepreneurs who got into affiliate marketing planned, affiliate marketing was dropped into his laps. Brook Schaaf graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where he holds a B.A in German studies, so if someone had told him at the time that he was going to be one of the best veterans in affiliate marketing, he wouldn’t have believed it.
Kicked Off At Zappos
His affiliate marketing career started when he got a job at, he grew to become the affiliate program manager at, and then moved on from there to and While at, Brook Schaaf took the business like it was his very own. It is on record that Brook Schaaf successfully built multi-million dollars affiliate programs at It was from how diligent he was at his duties in Zappos that he began to be recognized in the affiliate marketing world.

It took Brook Schaaf years of working for,, and before he decided to start his very own business with his brother. Brook Schaaf took with him all the lessons and experience he learned from these companies to successfully build his own. Today Brook Schaaf is the chief executive officer of Schaaf consulting and the founder of partner-centric INC. And currently has over 2000 people in his employ.
Brook Schaaf attributes his success to growing with the trends. He admits that affiliate marketing is not the same as it was some 14 to 15 years back but what he does is to constantly equip himself in such a way as to remain relevant in the industry. Today affiliate marketing cannot be mentioned without Brook Schaaf’s name.
Starting a company always comes with its challenges and Brook Schaaf faced so many of these challenges, but that didn’t stop him from consistently trying to successfully build his affiliate management agency alongside his brother Forrest Schaaf. Today Brook Schaaf is looked upon as one of the fathers of affiliate marketing and is constantly invited to talks and seminars geared towards helping people understand affiliate marketing and reap it. Brook Schaaf has further extended his horizons by indicating interest in politics and producing a movie.
Multiple Founder
Brook Schaaf also founded other agencies, Elite media partner, a monetization agency, and FMTC asset. These agencies were later purchased by Matt Frary, CEO of Brook Schaaf is still the king of affiliate marketing. He started out small with Zappos and was patient and consistent with his line of business.
It is very easy to detect the secret the of Brook Schaaf’s success. He was patient in the place he found himself, although stumbling into affiliate marketing by accident, Brook Schaaf took the situation he found himself in and turned it to his advantage. He worked like it was his last, he learned as his life depended on it, then he took all that he had learned, applying wisdom and years of experience to build his company and if there is one thing to take away from Brook, it is his patience in creating what he wanted.

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