Bill Burniece, an accidental Affiliate Marketer 2018

Bill Burniece has been a full-time internet marketer since 2006. Before that, like most Internet marketers, He was a mortgage broker basking in the gains of a red hot real estate market combined with record low interest rates. That was a great place to be until the market collapsed and unemployment came knocking at his door.

Like many during this period, Bill stumbled into the internet marketing business accidently. He had attended a mortgage industry conference in 2006. At that time, He was a seasoned mortgage broker reaping the large seeds of his labour in a booming industry.

Among the speakers during that conference at Phoenix was one guy who had captured Bill’s attention as he seemed to be speaking off topic throughout the conference. His name was Sean Roach and he was talking about the numerous possibilities of making money on the internet and rebuking the underutilisation of the internet as a tool for financial freedom.
Bill being the money-maker that he was became fascinated by his business model and frankly everything that he had to say even though it all had nothing to do with mortgage. Couple with his predicament at the time, Bill decided to have a private conversation with Sean to quench his curiosity as regards the possibility of making money from the Internet.

After Sean’s presentation that day, “I approached Sean at his back-of-the-room-table and bought his internet marketing program that was entitled the Insider’s Guide to Internet Wealth” says Bill

By the year 2007, Bill was prompted to search out for Sean’s program which he had probably dumped in a memory drawer and began studying it in no time. “In one single epic day I was laid off and out of work plus my freshly deposited five-figure mortgage commission check from my employer bounced at the bank. True story. To make matters worse my wife was also in the mortgage industry at the time. So, there we both were, out of work, with a rubber pay check and a four-year-old daughter at home! Pardon my profanity but in a word, we were fucked.”

Bill’s Affiliate Money Spinners

After the real estate collapse, and after, Bill enthusiastically read Sean’s book, he jumped into the internet marketing game, and never looked back.
Bill created because like many affiliate marketers of today, he was looking for affiliate programs at the high end of the food chain to promote. In his attempts to locate a good resource site for high paying affiliate programs, he was however largely disappointed.
“My goal here was simple: fix these problems and create the best website on the internet featuring big ticket affiliate programs.” Bill says.
Like many of us, Bill Burneice was an everyday mortgage banker who was quite satisfied with his 9-6 jobs, keeping his family afloat up until he was forced to thing outside the box.
Bill has become a success story within affiliate marketing spheres thanks to his amazing story and the circumstances which led him into the foray of Affiliate marketing.

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