Agwaral Harsh Super Loud Super Successful 2018

Agwaral Harsh is the CEO and founder of It’s a community of bloggers widely referred to as “Shouters”.

In 2004, he finished his primary education at Laxman Public School and got his Engineering degree from Sharda University in 2008. Before becoming a professional blogger, he worked with Convergys in India. He describes the time that he refused a job offer from Accentre in pursuit of his journey as a professional blogger to be one of the turning points in his life.

Blogging started for him as a result of his passion and love for learning and sharing. He had first learned about blogs in 2006. He began on the BlogSpot platform and moved to WordPress within two months. He began writing on random stuff, but he later found out how to make money through blogging, and how to become his boss through the power of the internet.

Agwaral Harsh’s main money maker Although Harsh says blogging has provided him “so much more than money,” is his main money maker. SML offers 92% tips on how to make money from your blog, advanced and basic money making methods, online marketing tips for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses. It offers tips on increasing sales, traffic, and brand value.

ShoutMeLoud features video guides & tutorials that come at no cost. They help to simplify complex blogging jargon. On, you can also find “The Affiliate Marketing Handbook & WordPress eBook” written by Blog Scientist Harsh Agrawal. This site includes but is not limited to fashion, finance, tech, travel, or any other sort of blogging. SML is perfect for everyone with any blog or website.

According to Harsh, SML began as a bit of fun, and it has now become out to be the biggest experience that changed his life. Over the course of the last eight years, ShoutMeLoud has become more than just a widely known blog. SML has close to 1 million subscribers, and it has made a noteworthy impact on the lives of a lot of people.

His blog’s popularity is not as a result of numerous honours or because it has been featured in international media. It’s as a result of the change it has impacted on the lives of many who use these methods.

He bought the domain on December 1, 2008, by borrowing a friend’s credit card. ShoutMeLoud has become more than just a widely known blog, as it has also made positive impacts on the lives of a lot of people.

His blog made him qualified to receive an “Entrepreneurship Award’ from his college. He has also received many more awards.

Here he share 3 crucial blogging tips, dont miss it:

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