Affiliate Mogul Shawn Collins 2017

One of the fore runners of affiliate marketing in the world. Shawn Collins started affiliate marketing in 1997.
The name Shawn Collins is synonymous with the Affiliate summit; this is because he is the co-founder of the affiliate summit.

Shawn graduated from the University of Maryland College Parks with a Bachelor’s degree of Arts and communication,
he has originally had an interest in Journalism, but ended up with communication. Shawn Collins started into the world of affiliate marketing as an affiliate manager for Medsite, which provides online business, information and communication products and services for physicians, many do not know that Shawn is self-taught as regards affiliate management,
he worked as an affiliate and also as an affiliate manager. In 2000 he also launched and managed an affiliate program, which was reported in his book.

Along with being a Co-CEO of the Affiliate Summit, Shawn has amassed a lot of accolades such as: Top Marketer in Austin (2016),
the Impact Radius top 25 performance marketing influencer (2011), the LinkShare Golden Link Award for performance marketing’s most vocal advocate (Runner up).

Shawn Collin’s Affiliate Money Spinners

– In 2003 Shawn co-founder The Affiliate Summit, the leading industry conference for affiliate marketing, which regularly features the biggest and greatest names in performance marketing.
Nowadays, The Affiliate Summit, can be easily described as the “MECCA of affiliate marketing”.
– Collins doubles as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, which is dedicated to information as regards affiliate marketing which is of course no surprise.
– His book, ‘Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants‘ is the best-selling book in the space, and has been considered by some to be a must read for all affiliate managers.

– Collins publishes the annual AffStat Report, a research and benchmarking report for the affiliate marketing industry.
The data in the AffStat series is widely quoted by trade publications, thus it’s authenticity.
– Shawn also writes a blog on affiliate marketing, and posts regularly to his Affiliate Tip TV channel on YouTube.
Collins also co-hosts a podcast on called “7 Minutes in Affiliate Heaven”.
– As mentioned earlier, Shawn is a published author, some of the titles of his books include:
Affiliate Manager Bootcamp (Recruiting, educating and retaining affiliate),
Extra Money Answer etc., his books are very successful and available for purchase at Amazon.
– Shawn was selected to participate in the DELL Customer Advisory Panel

Other notable affiliate money spinners as well as accolades:
• Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Websites for Marketers (August 2017)
• Top Marketers in Austin (March 2016)
• 29 Expert Marketers You Should Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter (September 2014)
• Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2012 (August 2012)
• Affiliate Ball AFFY Award (August 2012)
• Impact Radius Top 25 Performance Marketing Influencers (November 2011)
• LinkShare Golden Link Award for Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate – runner up (June 2011)
• Reader’s Choice 2010 Small Business Book Awards (December 2010)
• LinkShare Golden Link Award for Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate – runner up (June 2010)
• 100 Most Influential Marketers of 2009 (January 2010)
• LinkShare Golden Link Award for Performance Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocate – runner up (June 2009)
• Platinum Expert Author
• TiECON/Chitika Blogpreneur Contest 2008 Award (May 2008)

Here’s Shawn opens up about Affiliate marketing world

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