Affiliate Marketing 2018: The Good, The Bad and The Harsh Truth

Affiliate marketing is defined as a way a company sells its product and services by enlisting the help of various individuals or organizations to help market their product and services in return for a commission based on the sale the were able to achieve. In other words, marketing a company’s products and services for a certain percentage after a customer buys that product through you or the referral link you created.

A lot of people want to make quick money, not only that, making money without doing much work is like a dream come true. As much as affiliate marketing has its good side, it also has its perks and this article is going to clear some facts and give you all you need to know about the good, the bad and the harsh truth of affiliate marketing.

• Low cost :- Affiliate marketing doesn’t cost much to start. The starting cost depends on the marketing strategy you decide to use which means with proper planning the cost won’t be an issue. It is free to join after all.
• No worries about creating products and services :- The products and services are provided by the company, your work is just to market and refer as much as you can to ensure enough sales.
• It is flexible :- affiliate marketing is very flexible and can serve as an additional source of income. It is ideal for people who have blogs, website and anyone who has the time for an extra work.
• Ability to work anytime and from anywhere :- Affiliate marketing give you an edge in that as long as you are connected to the Internet, you can work anytime from anywhere.
• No obligation to deal with the customer :- Your job is to market the company’s goods and services. All other customer relation service is handled by the company.
Affiliate marketing is not all milk and honey. It also has it bad side and below are some of the bad of affiliate marketing.

• It is highly competitive :- The bigger advantage of affiliate marketing causes its biggest disadvantage and that is the low cost to start it. Due to this fact many people are open to trying it out and as such competitive. The possibility that there are so many people marketing for the same company as you are with some even more established makes it harder.
• The price of the product and how much you make as commission is not in your control :- another bad side of affiliate marketing is that you can’t negotiate the commission you get or the price of the products. No matter how much you sell, you can’t ask the company to review the percentage and this can be frustrating as the pay might be too little for all the work
• Bad affiliate partnership :- Not every partnership is good one. The partner sometimes can decide not to pay you or not pay you the correct amount and all your hard work goes in vain. Sometimes the affiliate partner may go out of business, leaving you jobless.
• There is little or no support :- In affiliate marketing, it is just you and yourself. There is usually no support or help whatsoever from the company and when you run into problem, you alone will have to figure it out.

Now here are some harsh truth about affiliate marketing
• It is not easy to do :- Just like every other business, affiliate marketing takes hard work, determination and self discipline to grow the business. Even with so many advice found online, affiliate marketing is not “ easy”.
• It is not for everyone :- Because some people are been successful in it does not mean it is for you. So before going into it, make sure you do your research
• It is not for everyone :- Because some people are been successful in it does not mean it is for you. So before going into it, make sure you do your research and see if it is something you should do.
• It requires lots of self discipline :- Unlike conventional jobs, affiliate marketing has no spelt out agenda or routine. Everything has to come from you all the strategies, marketing and referrals has to be you alone and this is quite hard and can get confusing.
So before you go into affiliate marketing, ensure that you do a proper background check on yourself, the company you want to partner with, the products and how you can achieve your goals. Who knows, it might be the very think you have been looking for or maybe not.

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