Affiliate ancestor “Joe Sousa” 2018

Joe Sousa is arguably one of the oldest names in the Hall of Fame archives of Affiliate marketers. He can be referred to as an ancestor with regards to affiliate marketing as he has been in the Affiliate marketing industry for nearly two decades since 1998.
Initially, he started out by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for clients but later delved into a full time affiliate marketer and affiliate manager.
Over the years, Joe Sousa has made a solid footprint in the industry building over a hundred sites associated with affiliate marketing in so many different niches and has experience in PPC, SEO, video blogging, affiliate management, and social media management/marketing.

Joe’s Affiliate Money Spinners

Joe started off as a junior affiliate manager for Snow Consulting (not the Stark’s from which he then made the ever elusive decision to own his own company. This singular step largely contributed to who Joe Sousa is today. It is an ability that most humans lack, the ability to take that huge risk and silence the questions of doubt which spring up every time a life changing decision is about to made. Joe took this risk and headed out of his former company to Internet marketing associates as the owner.

His duties in his youthful company involve revenue generation, seeking new avenues for growth as well as website development, and product development. Joe against all odds has held this position for a little over 2 decades and 8 months. Against all odds, Joe has continued to give hope to all those who remain in the mucky waters of 9-5 jobs all around the world, who are struggling to take the leap and risk it all for an even larger reward.
I believe we all can understand why he is an ancestor now. Make no mistake though, Joe has grown with the trends and as such has built himself into a perfect blend of the old religion affiliate marketing and the new one. He also holds the position of the senior affiliate coordinator for Fanatics, Inc, a position which he has held since July of the year 2012.

Joe’s uncanny ability to take a leap of faith and his strict compliance with the rules of Affiliate marketing has earned him the much-deserved accolade being given to him by many in the industry.
Despite pushes and shoves against his decision to own his own business walking away from an assured 9-5 job with a fair pay and all the relaxation and stress-free nights that workers see as an advantage, Joe Sousa has held his ground, and has made quite a name for himself.
Presently, Joe is the Affiliate Coordinator for a host of large moneybags like,,,, to mention but a few.
Joe resides in Spokane, Washington Area, but take a yearly leading role in Affiliate Summit, listen to him in this video:

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