Ryan Hudgins: A Media Strategist With A Difference 2018

Ryan Hudgins holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations and applied communication from the Auburn University. How Ryan Hudgins grew from just being a graduate with no experience to currently holding a managerial position in intercontinental groups is a success story worth sharing. Today ...Read More

Steve Sauve: An Internet Hardworker 2018

Steve Suave is known for his professionalism and his dignity in work. He has climbed up the corporate ladder for so many years till he successfully made something of his own. Steve Soave’s success story preaches diligence and hard work as the key to ...Read More

Eric Nagel: Information Tech Guru 2018

Eric Nagel has always loved information technology. He is that man who knew what he wanted and pursued it till he got it. He is now a very successful multi-million dollars entrepreneur who took years of hard work and persistence to get to where ...Read More

Luke King: An Affiliate King 2018

Luke King has created a massive impact in the affiliate marketing world so much so that his reputation precedes him. You mention the name Luke King and he is immediately identified as one of the best affiliate managers in the world. Just like every ...Read More

Kristen Gadja: Started From The Bottom 2018

Kristen Gadja is one of those people who successfully built a booming career from scratch. Kristen Gadja has embraced many challenges which according to her helped her build herself professionally and personally. She is an epitome of the saying that goes “what doesn’t kill ...Read More

Rae Dolan: Racking In Millions Online 2018

Rae Dolan is a typical example of a woman who went through the hassles of life and came out non- defeated. Prior to being the proud owner of a multi-million dollar business and a highly respected marketing consultant, she was a waitress, with no ...Read More

Mike Colella: The King Of Adwords 2018

Mike Colella is more than just the founder of Adbeat. He is that man who successfully went from owing $100,000 in debt to having $2.2 million in affiliate commissions within a year. He did this without a website of his own, without any employees ...Read More

Brook Schaaf: An Affiliate Marketing Veteran 2018

Brook Schaaf is a very important name in the affiliate marketing industry. He has been in the game since 2000, and today Brook Schaaf and his team manages over 60 different affiliate programs and currently work with most of the well-known and branded companies ...Read More

R. L “Robert” Adams a Miracle Tale 2018

Robert’s story is a rather unique one. In 2011, his life literally fell apart. His business came crashing down, his marriage followed, and as it happens for most people, everyone he called friend, left him to his fate. It is safe to say that ...Read More

Nicholas Reese 2018

Nicholas or Nick Reese as he is fondly known is the CEO and co-founder of Microbrand Media, a media company which specializes in building very useful tools in the home services and business services industries. Once upon a time, long before Nick became the ...Read More

Mike Morgan the experienced one 2018

Mike Morgan who happens to be a Husband, and a father of two. resides in the Greater Memphis Area, which is the same area where he got his degree in professional studies and organisational leadership (The University of Memphis) Talk about being anti-dora! Throughout ...Read More

LUKE PER fly an all-round nice guy 2018

Luke Kling, who is widely referred to as LukePeerFly. PeerFly which is owned by Luke has grown to be one of the top affiliate networks during his time as Affiliate Manager and as a result of that, he has gotten the popular vote among ...Read More

Jonathan Volke the candy man 2018

Jonathan Volk is arguably the youngest super Affiliate marketer you might come across. He currently lives in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco, CA. Despite being the youngest, Jonathan took the leap to say I do in 2009 to Maria who he dated ...Read More

David Sharpe From shackles to thrones 2018

David Sharpe, is the President, and Co-Founder of Empower Network, alongside his partner, Co-Founder CEO and top affiliate of Empower, David Wood. The establishment which has become the star of David’s career was set up from a small room over a round of drinks. ...Read More

Jason Stone the Millionaire Mentor 2018

Jason Stone is the founder of Millionaire Mentor LLC. He is a social media influencer who built an Instagram following from 0 to about 1.8 million in less than 2 years. He now has an email list of over 130k and has made over ...Read More

Chris Guthuri an accidental Affiliate marketer 2018

Chris Guthrie is an affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, site and software creator and also, he has so very quickly become an Amazon expert! An affiliate marketer at heart, Chris Guthrie got his start by working with Amazon.com and their affiliate program. After building out several ...Read More

Affiliate ancestor “Joe Sousa” 2018

Joe Sousa is arguably one of the oldest names in the Hall of Fame archives of Affiliate marketers. He can be referred to as an ancestor with regards to affiliate marketing as he has been in the Affiliate marketing industry for nearly two decades ...Read More

Chad French: The Brawn Behind Peerfly 2018

Chad French happens to be the Chief Executive Producer and co-founder of PeerFly.com, one of the top rated affiliate networks in the industry today. Chad was born in South Florida and was raised in North Florida. Married now with 2 kids, he enjoys watching ...Read More

Agwaral Harsh Super Loud Super Successful 2018

Agwaral Harsh is the CEO and founder of ShoutMeLoud.com. It’s a community of bloggers widely referred to as “Shouters”. In 2004, he finished his primary education at Laxman Public School and got his Engineering degree from Sharda University in 2008. Before becoming a professional ...Read More

Karl Kangur: An All Rounder 2018

Karl Kangur is the founder of an online results/oriented marketing agency which is known as Results Compass. He has been in the industry for over five years. He chose to create Result Compass because he got fed up of companies selling bogus packages and ...Read More

Glen Allsopp: The Young Affiliate SEO King 2017

Glen is the journey man of the affiliate marketing industry who has travelled the world and has helped companies build their brands on the internet. Glen’s journey kicked off when he took a trip to South Africa after building website underground for years. He ...Read More

Jeremy Schoemaker: A Pacesetter 2017

Jeremy Schoemaker is one of the foremost internet and affiliate marketer who is the founder of Nextpimp.com, Par Program and the co-founder of AuctionAds service and has been in the business for over 12 years. The web entrepreneur has been one of the most ...Read More

Missy ward: Earn her way to the TOP 2017

Missy Ward has been an affiliate marketer since 1999. She is the Co-founder of Affiliate Summit Inc., a privately-held media company that produces the Affiliate Summit Conference & Tradeshow Series, Performance Marketing Summit, FeedFront Magazine, GeekCast.fm, AffStat.com and ReveNews.com. She is also the Founder ...Read More

London’s Affiliate Leader: Rob Benwell 2017

Rob Benwell is an Affiliate Marketing Professional born in London on the 6th of October 1984 Rob Benwell is also the co-founder and CEO of Read Squirrel ltd as well as Optimal Hosting. A London based Tech Company specializing in cloud hosting, web design ...Read More

Rafael Zelik: He Changed Affiliate Marketing 2017

Rafael Zelik is the Co-Founder / Partner in a dynamic internet company with a lot of experience in the fields of Internet Marketing, Sales &amp as well as Technical Planning. His Specialties include Project Management, Sales, Marketing & Technical Planning, Media Buying, and Affiliates ...Read More

Jack Cao: The Flamboyant Affiliate 2017

Jack Cao is like every other regular guy living in Singapore and have been working ever since he graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2009. He obviously did not plan to work for other people for the rest of his life and ...Read More

Vinny Ohare: Man of Skills 2017

Vinny O’Hare has been selling on the internet since 1999. It all started out with selling on EBay just like Dave Salois and that led to making websites for his products as well as websites which would promote products through affiliate marketing. He currently ...Read More

Neil Patel: The Social Media Guru 2017

Neil Patel is not exactly an affiliate marketer in reality, but he is close to it. He has emerged as a very successful entrepreneur at a very young age. Neil created his first company Crazy Egg which is an analytics software that allows website ...Read More

Charles NGO: Affiliate’s Biggest Figure 2017

Charles Ngo was an average student at high school and in his marketing classes at Georgia Tech, Video games were his only passion He decided to start a few small businesses on eBay, blogging, SEO sites, but nothing really got going. At that time, ...Read More

David Salois: An Award Winning Affiliate 2017

David Salois is a name many in affiliate marketing spheres may recognize rather easily. As a recipient of the Platinum Expert Author Award, It is rather difficult to scroll through the archives of Affiliate marketing without coming across the name David Salois. He was ...Read More

The Incredible Lynn Terry 2017

Anyone familiar with the affiliate marketing community has surely heard a thing or two about Lynn Terry. She is the author of http://www.ClickNewz.com and http://www.TravelingLowCarb.com. She also offers training & consulting on niche blogging, social marketing, online business strategies and Looks to connect with ...Read More

Finch sells: The Master of All 2017

Finch also Michael Osborn sells runs his own company, Finch Media Ltd. He is involved with all kinds of affiliate campaigns, and he works directly with brands to improve their existing conversion funnels. It’s a creative job but quite unforgiving in the sense that ...Read More

RON CRIPPS: The Mega Affiliate 2017

Ron is the founder of the mega Affiliate marketing website Affiliate X Files and Marketing Tilt. Which are geared towards tutoring young enthusiastic affiliate marketers or those who may intend to get started in the business. He has been a very active member of ...Read More

Tricia Meyer: Legally Making Money 2017

Although she originally started as a lawyer, Tricia Meyer found her true calling in affiliate marketing. With the love of online technology coupled with her passion for connecting with people, she couldn’t have chosen a better stand. At Sunshine Rewards, She and her team ...Read More

KIM ROWLEY: She Takes No Prisoners 2017

Kim Rowley is a divorced work-at-home mom of four in a small town in Nebraska. She possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business which she claims taught her nothing about computers, let alone websites. She however somehow managed to learn about marketing, networking, accounting and ...Read More

Young Money Maker: MICHAEL DUNLOP 2017

[sociallocker id=”385″][/sociallocker] Michael Dunlop is a Young entrepreneur who is blessed enough to retire at the age of 21. Michael accidentally got into blogging, Michael first started looking at creating websites just before his 15th birthday. The opportunity arose when a program the Young ...Read More

Kristy Mccubbin: A Kick Ass Affiliate 2017

Kristy worked at a Search Agency right after College education, and she had to handle an affiliate program for a client, and that was the “light bulb” moment for her. At that point she discovered the world of “AFFILIATE MARKETING”. She has not looked ...Read More

Yanik Silver: Affiliate King from Russia 2017

Yanik emigrated from Russia with his parents when he was just 2, he began selling medical equipment for his dad, when he turned 14 Later Yanik started his first entrepreneurial venture a marketing course for cosmetic surgeons for $900, by the time he was ...Read More

Yaro Starak: The Affiliate Educator 2017

Yaro graduated from at the University of Queensland with a degree in Business Management in 2001. While in the university, he developed an interest in Magic: The Gathering, a popular trading card game. As his passion for the game deepened he set up a ...Read More

Daniel Scocco: Master of Code 2017

Daniel was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and at the age of 15, he immigrated to Italy with his family. Daniel has a degree in International Economics from Bocconi University. His first job was as a Market Analyst at Alcatel. Daniel resigned to pursue ...Read More

Entrepreneur Rock Star Chris Farrell 2017

Chris is one of the most successful and respected internet marketers in the industry and he had been voted as the number one Coaching Program. Chris is married and has 4 dogs. Chris grew up in London, UK and moved to Los Angeles, California ...Read More

Darren Rowse: The King Of Blogging 2017

Darren Rowse is one of Australia’s biggest internet personalities who is big in the world of blogging and is also a speaker, consultant and podcaster. His first foray into blogging started with LivingRoom.org.au, which was a blog that chronicled lie in Australia, religion, politics ...Read More

Zac Johnson: Rise of the Johnson empire 2017

You cannot talk about the pioneers of affiliate marketing without mentioning Zac Johnson who has been in the industry for close to 20 years. Zac Johnson started his road to online money making when he started designing website banners for a paltry $1 at ...Read More

Affiliate Mogul Shawn Collins 2017

One of the fore runners of affiliate marketing in the world. Shawn Collins started affiliate marketing in 1997. The name Shawn Collins is synonymous with the Affiliate summit; this is because he is the co-founder of the affiliate summit. Shawn graduated from the University ...Read More

Super Star Affiliate Ian Fernando 2017

Ian started affiliate marketing in 2000, he started selling books on eBay, after his parent kicked him out of the house because he refused to continue schooling, and he was 19 at that time. He started working three jobs, 7 days a week, he ...Read More